Saturday, 6 June 2009

A timeless gift

The best gifts we are given aren’t always the ones packed in big boxes, bought at an exclusive store or those which make a credit card crunch!
Very often they are the gifts given with love from people we know who give from the heart. Generosity is what really wraps a perfect gift, although I do enjoy creating a beautiful wrap for even the smallest gift. And have you noticed how often it is the smallest gift that is the most meaningful one… like a pebble from a beautiful beach … a buttercup from a lovely walk …a photograph of family and friends at a special occasion …a new friendship …sometimes simply time itself. I believe that time is a beautiful and welcoming gift to give and receive; especially in today’s fast paced lifestyle. As I write today, I consider the gifts of time given to me over the years and how much of a difference that made to me and the person I am today. I am enjoying the experience of taking time to reflect and listen to what is going on for me. I also find that by doing so, time encourages and develops my creativity…. and I like that very much

What has a gift of time given you recently?

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