Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The Photograph

Photograph by http://www.frasersfotos.com

There are several photographs around my desk and one I particularly enjoy looking at was taken many years ago of two ladies I greatly admired, namely my maternal grandmother and the other my great aunt Alice. Both ladies were wonderful ladies in their own right.

My grandmother was a very practical down to earth lady who with my grandfather raised a family of seven children. She had a very strong work ethic and always ensured that we (as grand children) worked hard and ‘kept our feet on the ground’. Like my grandfather, she was kind and generous and was a wonderful grandparent. She had a great attitude to life and had a great sense of humour. She loved Ireland, the Irish language and occasionally would reprimand us in a good hearted way on our efforts at speaking her native dialect, which she maintained when she moved to The North from the Gaeltacht speaking area of her youth.

My great aunt Alice was a lady who travelled far and wide and spent much time in New Zealand, long before the days of cheap air fares and carbon footprints. Although I hasten to add that she was always a great lover of the wonders of nature. Her trips and encounters in New Zealand always made for wonderful stories when my brother and I (as children) used to stay at her place on our summer holidays.

Both ladies were a great influence on me as I grew up … I wonder if they knew that? Who influenced you as you grew up? And who are you influencing today, knowingly or unknowingly?

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