Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Clickedly-click needles

This image from Magpie Tales reminded me of childhood days when mothers in Irish communities used to knit Aran sweaters for the American market.  This provided a secondary income for many households. So this week I dedicate my blog post to all those mothers, including my own Mum, who knitted every week to provide a little extra for their families. 

Dear Mother

Do you remember how you knitted these socks? 
Knit one, purl one with clickedly-click needles.
Do you remember how you held the cable needle?
Between your lips while you turned the heel.
Do you remember the stories?
One for each pattern you knitted.
Do you remember when you knitted a pair for each of us?
Before hands became old and arthritic.
Socks, sweaters, knitted with speed
And love, lots of it.
Do you remember?
I do!

Friday, 22 August 2014

photo courtesy of Magpie Tales and R.A.D Stainforth

Sad news this week about the death of Hollywood actress Lauren Bacall.  There are many quotes attributed to her and here is one of my favourites,

 'Imagination is the highest kite one can fly'. 

I found the Magpie picture a challenge this week but let my kite of imagination have a little blow in the breeze ....

It was a Sunday.  It was always a Sunday …

‘All aboard and ready to write?’ Captain Tess called.

‘All board and ready to write’, chorused the Magpies.

Several squeezed into the island ferry bound for The Sound of Yell. Many were still struggling with jet lag from the online get-you-there-quickly jet.
Everyone keen and enthusiastic for Magpie’s first ever ‘Words on Water’ tour.
The smug travel coordinator smiled about the commission she would make from this particular trip from the Mainland to the Sound of Yell.

Whose idea was it anyway?
It really didn’t matter,
Word was out
And the Maggie bookings came thick and fast.

The first ever-writing retreat on the water
Competition was intense
Heads down,
No distractions.
Maggie writers scribbled hard and fast
Words in wisdom, words in rhythm,
Words repeated line after line.

Creative juices did ebb and flow
Writers’ block had nowhere to go,
Sharpened pencils and a fountain pen
Words repeated again and again

Laptop writers typed the prose
Questionable poetry, god only knows.
The poets, the scribblers, the dribblers of rhyme
Tut-tutted and longed for time.

Engines slowed and
The foghorn blew
‘Writing stops’
Shouted one of the crew.

The “Words on the Water’ tour must end
To Magpie Tales, my tale I send!
A woeful rhyme, I must confess
But I’ve had some fun, so thank you, Tess.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Threadbare Stairs

(Picture prompt from Tess at Magpie Tales)

Up and down, up and down,
Day after day, night after night.
I grew accustomed to
Her sprightly step on the stairs,
Shouting and exclaiming
“I’ve got it, I’ve got the part”.
Celebrations, parties and
Late night shenanigans.
Laughter, lots of laughter.
Years rolled on
Up and down, up and down,
Day after day, night after night.
Those same stairs
A slower step, more subdued,
“I don’t know, I’m not sure.
They say I’m too old to play the part”.
Wanted – Young fresher faces.
Once a young, fresh and beautiful face
But now …well now more mature
Only suitable for certain parts.
Up and down, up and down
Day after day, night after night.
She stumbles on the step
Smashes the bottle of
Cheeky Chardonnay,
Her favourite.
Too many favourites
Too many steps
Too many falls


Saturday, 5 July 2014

A Game of Patience, 1937, Meredith Frampton 

 When I stopped by to update my blog today I found myself in a dilemma, you know the sort, 'What will I blog about today?'

I considered the options;
  • Something from Magpie Tales, the weekly writing prompt from Tess at Willow Manor or 
  • Something from 'Our Allotment'. The observant among you will note that it is fast becoming a joint project.  Ownership is not in contention here, we do share the fruits of our labour.
I did wonder if there was a connection between the options and thought long and hard about who or what might connect them and then it came to me in a word - PATIENCE!  Bear with me and all will be revealed.

In life, some things take a little time and patience to unfold, for example, good writing for a play, prose or poetry for a Magpie Tale.  Little seedlings need help, nurturing, sunshine and a little patience too before something wonderful transpires.  I believe Mother Nature does not like to be rushed.  She finds her own pace and rhythm.  It would be unfair of me to expect her to perform instant magic.  She needs time and patience to be creative and bountiful in her giving.   As she weaves her way through our little allotment, slowly unfolding her little offerings in the form of potatoes and courgettes (this week!) we welcome her gifts.  

Sometimes the answer comes in the waiting, the patience, the letting it be ... Incidentally, the potatoes tasted so much better for the wait!

Patient potatoes - photo by me!

Saturday, 21 June 2014

The long walk

 Rene Magritte - Not to be Reproduced

Another Magpie Tale 
 .... just managed to publish this one before Tess uploads a new picture on Sunday. Happy blogging one and all. May your week be filled with words and inspiration

‘Follow me’ he said,
So, I did
And walked nervously into the valley of the unknown.
Smart suit, smart shoes, serious face refreshed
With a hint of aftershave,
Not too intense
Enough to say I had made an effort.
Important to create the right impression,
And what exactly is the right impression?
Right for them?
Right for me?
Hours spent on the application form
Dotting the ‘I’s and crossing the ‘t’s.
Would I fit neatly into their boxes?
Boxes of ‘essential’ and preferable’
I hate ticking boxes
It curbs the creative soul.
Hard times, needs must, cash flow flowing … fast.
Second-hand suit, new shirt, squeaky shoes.
Anxious, nervous and sweaty palms,
Remember to breathe …1-2-3.
Interviews – not my favourite pursuit
Wish me luck!