Saturday, 21 June 2014

The long walk

 Rene Magritte - Not to be Reproduced

Another Magpie Tale 
 .... just managed to publish this one before Tess uploads a new picture on Sunday. Happy blogging one and all. May your week be filled with words and inspiration

‘Follow me’ he said,
So, I did
And walked nervously into the valley of the unknown.
Smart suit, smart shoes, serious face refreshed
With a hint of aftershave,
Not too intense
Enough to say I had made an effort.
Important to create the right impression,
And what exactly is the right impression?
Right for them?
Right for me?
Hours spent on the application form
Dotting the ‘I’s and crossing the ‘t’s.
Would I fit neatly into their boxes?
Boxes of ‘essential’ and preferable’
I hate ticking boxes
It curbs the creative soul.
Hard times, needs must, cash flow flowing … fast.
Second-hand suit, new shirt, squeaky shoes.
Anxious, nervous and sweaty palms,
Remember to breathe …1-2-3.
Interviews – not my favourite pursuit
Wish me luck!


  1. I like this one Mary, you have captured the man's interview nerves so well with words. I forward to your next Magpie Tale, hope to see you next week.

    1. Thanks Cait and hope to make next week's Tale ...

  2. What a very clever take!
    Interview nerves!!
    I would never have thought of that approach.
    Loved the poem Máire with the red hair.
    Pleased to meet you ~ Eddie

    1. Thanks for stopping by Eddie. Good to meet you too and looking for to reading your Magpie Tales too.

  3. Hi Marie. I also just managed to link-up.
    I like your take - you painted a vivid picture of a man about to go to a job interview. Hopefully, he will do well (even though the job may not be what he truly wants). :-)

    1. Hi Imelda, glad you enjoyed this. I love reading how other bloggers create with the Magpie prompts. Just visited your blog and enjoyed your take and the beautiful photos too.

  4. Oh yes, the things we have to do in order to live... but sometimes, this things take over...

    1. I agree sometimes we need to do some jobs in order to live. Thanks for stopping by.


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