Sunday, 25 January 2015

Dance like nobody’s watching …

They danced
  One, two, three, one two, three
Swaying to the rhythm,
Singing with the radio,
Moving with the melody,
Holding each other tightly,
They danced as one,
Oblivious to all,
Even me,
Mesmerising each other,
They danced
On the dull patterned linoleum,
And in love.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Two suitcases high

picture provided by Magpie Tales

Happy New Year Everyone.  My first Magpie write of 2015!

There she goes again
A high-pitched scream
From the drama queen.
Shrieking and shouting
Like she is about to be
Mauled by a wild, ferocious tiger,
Or a crazed and demented crocodile
That has slithered across the polished floor.
Two suitcases high,
But not out of my reach,
The shriek pitch heightens to raise the alarm,
But no one hears, except me.
Her cries echo into the night.
Yet no-one comes to her rescue.
Tee hee,
What presence I have,
What power I hold
As a mere little mouse about the house!