Sunday, 12 September 2010

Are you flying with the 'no frills airline'?

I've just returned home from dropping my brother off at the airport this evening. It was great to see him. Busy places airports particularly on Sunday evenings when people are returning home after weeks and weekends away. My brother was travelling with one of those established airlines which operate with strong customer service standards. On the way to the airport we chatted about our travel experiences and travel in general. We talked about how the travel experience had changed from our student days and what we now viewed as good value and who offered the best deals and service.

I'll admit that as a passenger I do like to be looked after and treated well. I believe travelling should be enjoyable experience Some airlines are much better at providing the travel experience than others. I was reminded of a witty travel song from the all female comedy group Fascinating Aida, I went to see them at the theatre a few weeks ago. They were really funny and had a song about almost everything - including airlines, particularly those with the 'no frills service'! If they come to a venue near you ... go see them. If they're not due in your town soon here's a preview of their airline song. Check out the 'Cheap Flights' song on their website. I guess the dance routines are optional but as an Irish woman I would encourage you to try a few steps at least. It does wonders for your deportment and who knows what opportunities may come your way in the forthcoming weeks! There's a rumour that Riverdance are looking for a few more dancers.

I think my brother was pleased that he wasn't booked with the 'no frills airline' this weekend. He clams he's rubbish at dancing.

Have a good week, smile often and laugh lots.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The Horse Boy - a story of inspiration.

I've just finished reading 'The Horse Boy' by Rupert Isaacson. I heard about it first on the radio and then by coincidence the book was gifted to me several days later!

It's an amazing read based on a true story about a father's incredible journey to heal his autistic son. They travel to the plains and mountains of Mongolia, the spiritual home of the horse. Both he and his son have a great affinity with horses. I'd recommend reading about this incredible journey, noting the encounters along the way and the love and dedication of the parents for their son. An inspiring read. Also, encouraging to note how this journey influenced and shaped the father's work today at The Horse Boy Foundation organisation.

It makes me think about how personal circumstances can and sometimes do influence, change and transform our everyday work.

Who or what inspired you lately?