Saturday, 5 July 2014

A Game of Patience, 1937, Meredith Frampton 

 When I stopped by to update my blog today I found myself in a dilemma, you know the sort, 'What will I blog about today?'

I considered the options;
  • Something from Magpie Tales, the weekly writing prompt from Tess at Willow Manor or 
  • Something from 'Our Allotment'. The observant among you will note that it is fast becoming a joint project.  Ownership is not in contention here, we do share the fruits of our labour.
I did wonder if there was a connection between the options and thought long and hard about who or what might connect them and then it came to me in a word - PATIENCE!  Bear with me and all will be revealed.

In life, some things take a little time and patience to unfold, for example, good writing for a play, prose or poetry for a Magpie Tale.  Little seedlings need help, nurturing, sunshine and a little patience too before something wonderful transpires.  I believe Mother Nature does not like to be rushed.  She finds her own pace and rhythm.  It would be unfair of me to expect her to perform instant magic.  She needs time and patience to be creative and bountiful in her giving.   As she weaves her way through our little allotment, slowly unfolding her little offerings in the form of potatoes and courgettes (this week!) we welcome her gifts.  

Sometimes the answer comes in the waiting, the patience, the letting it be ... Incidentally, the potatoes tasted so much better for the wait!

Patient potatoes - photo by me!


  1. I so agree. Some things, especially the creative process, can't be rushed. I've read writers who said that a particular story took 20 years to get right! But they were happy with the result.

  2. Yes - pure genius can't be rushed - but sometimes it is instantaneous just like I feel creation was, which mother nature obeys. Two composers come to mind to illustrate. Mozart was a pure genius and penned the wole thing in his head and poured his masterpieces without any error onto paper. Beethoven could never get it in one and he wrote and rewrote with crossings out and improvements along the way - but he was still a genius.
    Oh! if we were Mozarts!! . . . . or en Beethovens for that matter.
    Loved your account ~ Eddie

  3. You are right, nurturing and constant attention is needed for anything creative...and patience.
    Wonderful potatoes!

  4. Nice potatoes!

    I write different things, depending on my mood. I think each kind informs the other.


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