Monday, 1 June 2009

Sometimes I just sit and think

Sometimes I just sit and think and sometimes I just sit ...

Today is one of those days when I’m presently doing just that - ‘just sitting’! It’s actually quite a novel experience for me because so often I’m busy being busy, sometimes good busy, sometimes bad busy, sometimes just simply being busy. A picture of a hamster in a wheel comes to mind. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy being busy, having work to do, people to see, investigating new projects, catching up with friends. However, what I do find interesting is what I have noticed and observed by ‘just sitting’ every now and again - the quietness of the day, the beautiful pattern made by a tree shredding it’s yellow blossom, the carefree butterfly flitting from flower to flower in the garden, the intricate artwork of a spider’s web glistening with dew in the early morning …

What do you notice when you 'just sit'?

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