Tuesday, 29 December 2009

A Christmas Gift to You

And back to blogging after the Christmas holiday. If you didn’t celebrate Christmas, I trust you enjoyed or perhaps are continuing to enjoy the ‘down time’ with family and friends. I do love this time of year. I enjoyed time spent with family particularly an excited two and half year old who ‘likes pink’ and Santa Claus, nativity plays where the shepherds wore hoodies and late morning walks in the snow.

Well the snow has stopped falling here and been replaced with rain, lots of rain as I write. I ventured out earlier today and the shops were busy with SALES, SALES and more SALES. Maybe it’s the Christmas gift exchange time? Whatever the reason, lots of people milling around and lots of shops full of people wishing to dispose of their cash. Streets, shops and houses are still decked with festive decorations, twinkling lights and Christmas trees.

I’m not good with sales shopping. In fact shopping is not my favourite thing but sometimes it has to be done! I’m much happier wandering and walking at an unhurried pace, taking time to absorb the surroundings as I amble along. I had the opportunity to factor in some reflective walking time just before Christmas with a group of colleagues and friends through the lovely Savill Gardens, Windsor. My friend and colleague Jacqueline Harris runs an organisation called Breath of Fresh Air which encourages us to get out of the office and commune with nature every now and again. Outdoors thinking is very effective and therapeutic too! Come and try it for yourself if you are in the neighbourhood.

The walk before Christmas invited us to celebrate our successes of the year, share them with others, consider what we would like to gift to ourselves for the forthcoming year. I’ve gifted myself ‘more time for creativity and writing in 2010’. What gift would you choose for you?

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