Saturday, 2 January 2010

Ready for change?
On New Years Day, the Man and me went walking around Dorney Lake. It was a bright, cold and sunny day. Lots of people had the same idea to walk around the lake and take in the fresh air on the first day of 2010. It was good to walk and talk, walk and think, walk and ... well just walk some more. It was also good to contemplate the changes over the last few years and changes about to occur in the forthcoming years. Some known, some unknown. I noticed the changes in and around on the lake itself, the planting of new trees, the colours of the trees, the cynets changing from young to adult swans. The lake itself has changed and developed over the years since we've been going there. Even today the place is changing and developing for future events.

Dorney Lake is the venue for rowing and kayaking in the Olympic Games in 2012. The Man, a keen rower is most excited about this particular change. I look forward to watching the changes unfold and I plan to be there too watching one or two of the rowing events. (Contrary to rumour it has been known for rowing widows to attend events!)

As we walked and talked I gave serious thoughts to my New Year Resolutions. I've jotted them down on an inside page my 2010 diary. I wondered about changes that lay ahead. How different would things may be at the close of 2010. I can't predict the future. I can plan for one or two events. I wonder what world changes will affect me. I wonder how changes I make will affect the world. Now there's a sobering thought for the New Year. And you, what of your changes? How might you change during this year?

Wishing you happiness and success for 2010.

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