Sunday, 17 January 2010

I love books

I love books and could quite happily spend all my time reading. I love real books, old fashioned books where one can turn the pages, smell the newness of the page and follow the print on the page easily and comfortably. I like being able to mark the page with a colourful book marker and stop for a moment and think about what I've read. I love books in old fashioned bookshops that haven't been opened for some time. I love books that can be carried easily in a well packed handbag that can be taken out to snatch a moment or two in a crowded place awaiting a plane or a train. I love books that can take me to a place in my mind and imagination on a bad day. I love books that challenge me and make me think differently about things I thought I already knew so much about. I love books that inspire me with their words within their hard backed covers. I love books where the poetry unfolds and expresses notions of love, happiness, sadness and mixed emotion. I love books and how they educate, inform, inspire the mind and thought processes. I love books. Do you?

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