Monday, 11 January 2010

How does snow weather you?

As a result of the recent heavy snowfalls I took the time to
  • admire the winter wonderland near where I live
  • breathe in the cold air
  • try out lots of new soups
  • ride the local bus into town
  • get the wrong bus home and short cut through fields of snow in the sunshine
  • read more and write more in the dark and snowy evenings
  • watch the children sledging in a nearby park
  • connect with neighbours when clearing paths and cars
  • watch the robins, blue tits and red lapwings that fed from the birdtable in my garden
  • break in my new walking boots
  • be appreciative of living in a country of different seasons
  • enjoy one or two glasses of 'vin chaud' more often
  • feel alive and well

What about you?

How is the snow for you?

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