Wednesday, 9 December 2009

What makes for good customer service?

Not the well worn, 'have a nice day' phrase used so often that it begins to sound like a deflated balloon, not the totally dis-interested checkout assistant or the one who ignores the customer in the queue because he/she (usually a she!) is finishing off a conversation with her neighbouring checkout buddy.

At the risk of this post sounding like a 'grump post', I can report that customer service is alive and well. Found a little example yesterday in a doughnut shop in a neighbouring town - an employee with a welcoming smile, a very pleasant way with her customers and most helpful with customers queries. She looked and sounded happy too. That makes a difference. As a result of this, I came away happy too and so impressed that I wrote to her organisation to tell them so. I don't know what they will do with their customer feedback. I don't know if the employee will be recognised. I hope she is as she did provide really good customer service. This is a good demonstration of the difference a person can make for their organisation and to the organisation.

What does it take to become excellent at customer service? My blogger friend Caroline writes an excellent blog that makes us think about, consider and contemplate how we may consider working towards excellence in our respective roles and jobs. I invite you to stop by and read 'Getting to Excellent'. It may not provide the full doughnut experience however it will provide much food for thought, of that I am certain.

I have to add that the chocolate iced creme doughnut tasted delicious ! All in the interests of my customer service research you understand.

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