Wednesday, 16 December 2009

What makes your customers smile?

Some time ago I started receiving short films on a Monday morning from Nic Askew (with my agreement!) - not just me, lots of other people too. Nic has quite a following. His reputation as a film maker has developed over the years and although I don't claim to be 'in the know' about film making, I do know that he produces some excellent films. Films that inspire, provoke and touch the heart. He has a particular gift for capturing something special about the people he meets and there is a certain magic woven into the stories he hears and films. Often these people are part of his life journey. But don't just take my word for it, check it out for yourself at Soul Biographies.

Why am I telling you this? Earlier this week I decided to order a couple of his films on DVD. A Christmas present for .... me? ... somebody else? Anyway, when I ordered them I had a confirmation note back from the supplier thanking me for my order and assuring me that it would be with me soon. The reply really made me smile and I thought I would share it with you.

Please rest assured that we've taken great care in the shipping of your DVD.

We hold true to an ancient DVD shipping tradition passed down for over 5000 years. This very intensive practice is only achieved after years of training, meditation, purity of mind, and deep breathing exercises.

After a rigorous 17 step process of verifying the authenticity of your DVD, we donned silk gloves and placed it into a sacred box made of magic and lined with Unicorn fur, tied the box with a strand of Gypsy hair, and wrapped the whole thing in a snazzy looking faux gold leaf paper, with elm leaf inlay from Costco. Unfortunately, by the time it gets to you, all of that fancy stuff will likely have been picked clean by the greedy postal service employees. Please don't be surprised to see just a plain cardboard box.

We hope you enjoy your films and that you'll visit Film Baby again soon to browse all the great independently created entertainment!

Nothing like a little humour to lighten the wait. It worked for me!


  1. I'm going to look out for elm leaf inlay next time I'm in Costco!!! Wonderful!

  2. DVD arrived ... sadly minus the unicorn fur as mentioned! However happy to report, one satisfied customer.


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