Tuesday, 22 December 2009

... and we shall have snow

We've got snow, lots and lots of snow! Due to the fact that we are not too well equipped for big snowfalls, it creates chaos here in the South East of England ... big time!

Yesterday I attended a meeting in a local hotel, about 10 mins car drive from where I live. Nothing unusual about that except that when the meeting was over I joined the mile long queue of traffic slipping and sliding all over the place - no gritted roads, no anticipation of futher snowfalls. It snowed and snowed. I felt like one of those Father Christmases or Snowmen in the plastic bubbles. Remember those - shake the bubble and see the snow storm. Like many others I sat in my car and waited and waited ... and waited while the car in front slipped and slid a metre or two at a time ... I listened to at least three news programmes, tuned into several radio stations until I decided to park up my little car and walk home. By this time it was quite dark and the roads were lit up with cars and vans trying to make their way home ... several vehicles had been abandoned, some were refusing to move any further.

I walked into a winter wonderland, moved away from the chaos and scrunched my way home in the deep and beautiful snow. The child within me made tracks in the freshly fallen snow where paths no longer existed. The night was dark and houses were lit up with twinkling Christmas trees and lights. The scene looked quite magical. The peace and tranquility hung heavily in the air. So beautiful. Picturesque. My journey lasted a couple of hours however I so enjoyed the early Christmas gift from Mother Nature and I somewhere in the distance I'm sure I heard sleigh bells ring ...


  1. What a wonderful attitude to the "gift" of snow we have had over the last few days. Whilst I have been fuming at the lack of gritting lorries, you have been making shapes in the snow. I think you got the better deal.

    As I drove in this morning I thought "all this beauty will be gone in a couple of days" and I remembered to enjoy it while I could. Of course, the roads had been gritted by then!

    Thank you for reminding us that snow is more than just an inconvenience in getting home!

  2. Caroline, pleased that you managed to enjoy a little of the 'winter wonderland' before it all disappeared!


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