Saturday, 25 July 2009

Sweet, sweet the memories

A busy morning at work, most of it spent in front of the computer, necessitated the need to escape, clear my head and get some fresh air. The hunger pangs grumbled and confirmed that it was lunch-time! So off I went in search of sustenance to the local convenience store. It felt good to get out in the fresh air, exercise the legs and do my bit for the environment by leaving my car behind. I like to think that my time management skills are improving (a daily walk in my lunch break … I do try). And for me there’s something about thinking creatively even when it’s only a sandwich (sad I know I heard you say it!). Something healthy? Something hot? Something cold? Followed by a piece of fruit, a yoghurt or a teensy weensy chocolate bar? Oh decisions, decisions, decisions. It was then that I spotted them! Packets of them, all neatly piled on top of each other. To the left ‘sensible non fattening biscuits’ and to the right the ‘double chocolate stuff the calories biscuits’. In between, WAGON WHEELS. Wagon Wheels, my favourite childhood chocolate biscuit.

Do you remember them? I haven’t seen them for years. I’m sure they were much bigger when I ate them as a child. And the wrappers were yellow, more papery than today’s red plastic wrapper. I recalled how my Mum would treat us to Wagon Wheels on a Friday after school and a piece of fruit …. Can’t say I remember too much about the fruit but hey, it was a few years ago . Happy days! Well there was only one big question now … to buy or not to buy? What a question. Come on you didn’t honestly think I left the shop without them, did you? The extra packet … ahh well emergency supplies … just in case!

What took you down memory lane recently?

What was that like?

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