Saturday, 11 July 2009

Letting go … of the laptop

I’ve been away for several days visiting family and friends in the Emerald Isle. Before I went I contemplated about whether or not to take my trusty laptop with me. Should I? Would I? ‘Part’ of me wanted to take it and keep up to speed with emails and the day to day work stuff. But the other ‘part’ of me shouted loudly and said, ‘take the time out for yourself and focus on what is important – family, friends and you!’ You know, I’m glad that I listened to the ‘wise words’ part of me because it did allow me additional time to spend with the people I know and care about (time which I may have spent checking email). Strangely enough, all the emails queued up and waited to be acknowledged upon my return and guess what? - The sky didn’t fall in!

How often and how easy it is to get caught up in the ‘indispensable mode’? What happens when we do? What happens when we dispense with ‘indispensable’ every now and again? What do we do with a newly created space?

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