Tuesday, 21 July 2009

All Change

I’m currently reading a book written by a colleague of mine I met some time ago at our local Speakers Club. His book was published recently … I think he has been writing it for some time. I admire Nick’s lifestyle change – 6 months a year as a quantity surveyor in London and six months a year in Cape Town as a tour guide. His book charts the progress of this particular lifestyle change in an engaging and inspirational way. Whilst reading it I found my mind wandering off and thinking about what that would be like to split the work-life balance between two different places, even two different countries. Could I adapt to the change? Would I manage it? What would be different? What would I miss? What would I welcome?

In my opinion Nick appears to be managing it very well. A conversation last week confirmed the positive changes in his lifestyle as a result of taking the risk and trying something new and something different. He generously shared how much he had learned about the whole experience and what he had learned about himself too in the process. He’s not about to give up his day job but I think he has enriched his lifestyle.

His book is called 'Touching the Brake, A tour Guide's Journey to South Africa' by Nick Bailey. It’s available from Amazon and directly from Nick too. It's a reference to his driving whilst guiding as well as meaning slowing down, getting out of life's fast lane.

… Emm it’s got me thinking … What changes would I need to make to enrich my lifestyle? What changes would you make to enrich yours? What would you need to do to make that happen? How might the changes affect lifestyle, business and overall thinking?

Let me leave those thoughts with you today and I look forward to hearing about ‘the changes’.

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