Friday, 17 July 2009

‘It’s so easy’.

‘It’s so easy’, I hear again and again. But it’s not if you just don’t get it, or struggle to understand how it works or wonder why it causes so much pain when you are trying really hard to make it happen. I’m fascinated with technology, what it can do and how other people can make it sing and dance. However, my fascination doesn’t always lend itself well to my learning of new technology. I wonder why that happens. Why does it do that? It’s almost as if a message scuttles to my brain and switches the OFF button when I need to learn something new that involves technology. Perhaps the 'techno bit' is lying dormant somewhere, or gone off to do some research on what next to write about, or comtemplate what to eat for dinner this evening?

I do enjoy learning new skills and working on new projects. I’m currently disguising my creative writings as blogging posts in the vain attempt to overcome my techno-phobia. Okay, I’ve said it now; maybe that’s what is stalling my progress, not acknowledging the fact that I have a problem with technology. However, not one to be beaten, the little streak of determination within me is growing stronger and stronger and I know that I will succeed and one day soon it will all come together and the OFF button will be jammed on GO GIRL GO!

And who knows, one day it will be my voice saying, ‘It’s so easy’. I can’t wait to hear how that sounds. I imagine the words singing in melodious refrain and touch of pride thrown in for good measure.

All hints and tips for speedy progress greatly received.

Have a good weekend one and all.

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