Sunday, 3 May 2009

The gremlin of procrastination …

Sometimes it’s a challenge to motivate myself to do things on my ‘to do list’. One of them is to ‘de-clutter’ my study, which I have been meaning to do for several days. I’m working very hard with the positive thoughts about this, how it will look when it’s done and how much better I will feel when I’ve done it. The procrastinator gremlin has come out to play again and this time, I’ve decided to play her at her own game.

The Procrastinator

She moves
With stealth
Slowly with intent.
Almost on tiptoe.
Long deliberate paces
Like a panther,
Stalking her prey.
Pounces – from nowhere,
STOP – tomorrow, tomorrow,
Not now, not today.
Sun’s out
Go and play,
Clear the study another day.

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