Saturday, 16 May 2009

Today's gift is ...

I was quite stuck by something someone said to me this week. As we talked and shared information about our somewhat busy and hectic weeks at work, my friend commented on all the changes that were happening around him and how events over the last couple of years had changed his thinking and outlook on life. These experiences had changed and influenced his way of thinking and invited him to look at who and what is important to him now. Now, today, the present – not tomorrow, next week or next year.

So often, we find ourselves busy, busy, busy (I hold my hands up!) …. and rushing into tomorrow, next month, next year that we don’t stay long enough in ‘now’, ‘today’, ‘the present’. And what would happen if we did? What might we find? What might we learn about ourselves? What might ‘the present’ gift to us?

Enjoy being ‘in the present’ this week and I look forward to hearing about what you found when you were there.

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