Friday, 22 October 2010

It's Friday, it's five to five and it's Crackerjack

It's Friday … it’s five to five and it's CRACKERJACK! I wonder how many of you remember that children’s programme on the television all those years ago. Now I’m not expecting lots of immediate answers from this blog but I am curious to know how many of you do recall said programme. What memories does it trigger for you? Some of you may well be wondering what I’m 'wittering on' about. There will be those of you rapidly trying to recall the names of the presenters. There may even be a few of you thinking that Crackerjack after school was just ‘the biz’ - long before the days of computers, X boxes and after school clubs!

Now why exactly that sprung to mind when I started to write my blog this week really has no rhyme or reason, it just happened. Honest! There was a blank page with no words and not knowing what to write about; I just decided to write something which started ‘It’s Friday’ and that’s what happened.

Fridays were always big days in our household all those years ago. By the time we got home from school the ‘grocery man’ had been and delivered the week’s groceries. The idea was there long before on-line shopping as we know it today! He visited lots of homes in the countryside and his little van was always well laden with groceries, fruit and chocolate. Although I suppose that might depend on when he called at your house, morning or evening. He usually got a grand order when he arrived at our house and my poor mum would ensure that everyone got a piece of fruit and a bar of chocolate as a treat. Such was the tradition when we arrived home after school on a Friday … just in time for us to settle down and watch Crackerjack.

Ahh … Happy days!

Look what I found, a link to Crackerjack, sadly no more!


  1. Funny how those memories creep up on us and where they lead. I didn't know CrackerJack. It was Family Classics for me on a Friday, after dinner and bath.

  2. Good to wander down memory lane now and again ...must be getting old!

  3. I'm 52. When I was a kid in Glasgow in 1964/5 I seem to remember Freddie Garrity leaping about the stage. When you're that age it all seems a bit surreal... (Or maybe at any age).

    A couple of years later of course it was about the opening shout of "It's Friday, it's five to five and it's Crackerjack!" That and the incomparable Peter Glaze. The weekend had begun.

    Anyway, I'm now in the Hague for a few years and it's Friday, it's five to seven and... it's time for a glass of wine on the balcony... Doesn't have quite the same ring.


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