Friday, 1 October 2010

A special bond

Sometimes life has a habit of running away with itself and before you know where you are (or I am!) time has gone by and there’s been no blogging. It’s only now that I’ve managed to catch up. September has finished and October, a new month has started! Welcome October. I do love these autumn months, the colours, the change of season and the beautiful full moon in the autumn sky. Does time travel at a quicker pace as we grow older and wiser or is that merely an old wives’ tale. I’m hoping it’s a great untruth as I’ve got a lot of growing older and wiser yet to do!

I’ve been doing a little blog dipping, a good blogging re-start strategy for me and today I read Ann’s recent blog at Inkpots n’ Quills. I really enjoyed her post about time, travel and childhood memories. It triggered a few memories for me too. I had one of those too, a pipe smoking grandfather, a quiet and gentle man who even in his 80s could step dance with great rhythm and grace. He enjoyed his pipe and had in fact a selection to choose from. Occasionally, under supervision, I was allowed to take a light from the fire on a small slither of firewood. Slowly and carefully I would pass the light to my grandfather. He would light the tobacco and I’d watch him puff and blow when lighting his pipe. I watched closely as the little red glow died down and he puffed again and then the smell of tobacco would fill the room. Ahhh … I can almost smell it now. If I walk past a tobacconist shop I always look in the window to see if I can see pipes like those my grandfather used to smoke. Even today and despite being a non smoker I do enjoy the tobacco aroma, it takes me back to when I was a little girl and I think of our little ritual of lighting the pipe because that was exactly what it felt like, a special ritual between grandfather and granddaughter. I wonder if he ever realised how this would impact me as I grow older and wiser.


  1. Oh Maire, I am not a smoker either, but the aroma of tobacco just sends me back to those wonderful, sweet days. I am glad my little reminisces triggered your beautiful memories too!

    What is that old saying when you remember those you have loved and lost?????

  2. So true Ann, thanks for stopping by.


Thanks for stopping by.