Sunday, 28 March 2010

A blogging dilemma

Oh dear, thirteen days since my last posting. So much for my best intentions of writing a regular blog. And a regular log is ... daily, weekly, monthly? Well I had planned that I would post at least weekly but I guess I got side tracked with life events, working, catching up with friends, more working, looking at new job opportunities, celebrating St Patrick's day (17 March!), attending a few training courses, consolidating the learning, organising time to spend with family ... so blogging got shelved for thirteen days. I promise to get back back into the habit of blogging again. My blogging buddy Caroline at 'Getting to Excellent' is quite an authority on the subject of habits as well as measuring ways to get to excellence. She did confess on line (so brave!) that she had one of two challenges with managing her caffeine habit but overall she did it. I was impressed. I plan to follow her sound advice on 'creating a blog habit' i.e. writing a blog post regularly.

I had planned to blog today about how wonderful it was to have started the first day of summer. I actually spent two hours in my garden potting, pottering and admiring my 'host of daffodils'. The sun was out and the sky was blue and it was very therapeutic time digging and working in the earth. I so enjoyed the first of many long days of light.

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