Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Tips for bloggers – Tip 1: Blog dipping

To keep a blog updated requires discipline, dedication and dipping … yes, you’ve read right, dipping! Dipping in and out of other people’s blogs is a good way to learn about the ‘what else’. What else is going on in the world? What else is going on in life? I find myself ‘blog dipping’ a lot particularly when I go to update my own blog. It can be a dangerous process blog dipping as very often I find myself miles away from where I first started. Imagine that, travelling far away without ever having to leave the desk and the laptop. Hurrah for the internet. I just love to see where the virtual road takes me.

Today it took me to The Blue Cabin, near Strangford Loch in N. Ireland. Although I’ve never visited the area in person embarrassing really as I hail originally from N. Ireland (Note to self - add to the must do list), I spent some time there today courtesy of the website, blog and video wandering in the peace and tranquillity of nature. Most therapeutic. I enjoyed reading about the arrival of the Terns and wondered if they created the same sense of awe and amazement I experience when the Red Kites swoop and soar in the skies above my home. These birds have often been the cause of distraction when I work from home but a welcome distraction I hasten to add.

I'm interested to know where the virtual road takes you this week and what did you find when you got there.

Is it worth sharing?


  1. Well there you are - you're not the only one who dips.Thanks for visiting (vitual)Strangford Lough and for linking to my blog. As you say, this blogging thing is all about just doing it! Your Prague pic, & post, made me want to visit - we have intended to for years. Michael

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Do add Prague to the 'places to see'list ... Feb time pretty cold however produced it's own magic to the place. Worth another trip for sure.


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