Friday, 1 April 2016

Where do you find time to blog?

The road ahead - Photo by MF  

From London to Belfast …

Sometimes one can be forced to write – well not exactly pushed to put something on paper but when a strong gust of ‘airplane delay’ blows its way into the airport lounge then I read it as a message from the Universe. It says, ‘I’ve stopped the hustle and bustle to give you time to blog for The Attract Readers’ Blogging Challenge’.  I mean what else is a girl gonna do when she she’s stranded at Terminal 2?  I know, there will be those among you whopping with glee having extra time to do some duty free shopping but having crammed my carry on luggage so full of ‘essentials’, there isn’t much room for anything else.  Bemused husband wondered why I hadn’t bothered to pack the kitchen sink this time. Reason - I’m flying ‘no frills’ during the Easter vacation. 

Airports are great places for people watching.  I’ve never seen such a selection of mobile devices, smart phones and i-Pads.  Occasionally, I noticed some people having one of those old fashioned conversations with each other – remember those? I guess the tablets and touch screens keep the little folk entertained, children, not the leprechauns  … for it is to the Emerald Isle I’m bound this time.

I’m watching the information board, my flight is delayed again and again but I am clam.  In fact I’m quite delighted that the writing muse has come out to play.  Others aren’t, I can see it in their eyes and actions – busy, busy, busy, - got to be there, somewhere else.

As for me, well, I’m feeling really chilled out.  For now, I’ll scribble a blog post or two.  For now, I’ll watch the guy near me take yet another ‘selfie’.   For now, I’ll stop and let the world go by.  How might you pass the time?


  1. I so agree with you! When something stops you "doing" it is a real invitation to just be - and write! Really refreshing to read your response to the plane delays - so different from most people.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jean. Tend to travel with notepad and pen in the handbag as one never knows when a little writing prompt will emerge.

  2. What a lovely relaxing post! Love the way you wrote it too, I felt myself relax with you. I followed your blog.

    1. Thanks Susan ...taking a more relaxed stance with travel delays and stoppages and being pleasantly surprised about where it takes the relaxed me. :-)


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