Saturday, 9 April 2016

What if … we encouraged letter writing?

Photo by MF 

I love letters, writing them and receiving them.  I’ve got two penpals – proper pen pals, those who write old-fashioned letters with pen and ink and go to the post office, buy a stamp, stick it on the envelope and send their letters to me.  Thank you penpals; it’s very much appreciated.  Long live letter writing of the old fashioned kind.

What I like about letter writing is the way a person writes, how they express themselves and share news and ‘goings-on’ of family and friends.  I enjoy hearing stories about nieces and nephews particularly as I don’t see them regularly. I enjoy hearing of how events turn out, who was there and what happened.  It’s lovely to be able to read a newsy letter again and again. Often, we don’t provide such detail and description in the speedy email or the 40 character tweet.  Too busy, busy, busy.  Not enough time.  Busy being busy.

I particularly enjoy letters from my travelling penpals, describing new countries in depth and detail.  I enjoy hearing about the various exploits planned and unplanned!  Journaling, while travelling is a pastime of mine.  It is an ideal way to recall enjoyable times and places.  I have been known to write long letters ‘home’ on my travels and read them years later!

For me, letter writing is an excellent form of communication.  I’m planning a ‘Bring Back Letter Writing Campaign’.  Care to join me? No requirement to tick the boxes just a simple note to start the process and it goes something like this:

            Dear Maire Rua
            I’m happy to support your ‘Bring Back Letter Writing Campaign’
because …

Now, over to you.   I invite you to make someone’s day and write a letter.  You never know where it might lead!


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