Monday, 6 January 2014

What if real people answered the telephone?

New York at night Vivienne Gucwa courtesy of Magpie Tales 

I am not a great lover of automated answering services; you know the type, Press 1 for this, Press 2 for that, Press 3 for the other and on it goes. The weary tone of the recorded message says ‘Please hold the line we are trying to connect you’ has a hypnotising effect after the third announcement.  Unfortunately when it’s a needed service and I’m a ‘valued customer’, I have to wait and listen.  At times the music can be painful and all too much.  For me, that’s not customer service it’s more customer disservice! Maybe I’m turning into a Grumpy Old Woman? (Consider this a rhetorical question!)

On my ‘To do’ list today, I needed to track down a ‘lost gift’ I sent over the festive season to a friend … a little surprise … I love surprises and I hoped that he would like my surprise gift.  When I called the Company to enquire after the ‘lost gift’, a real person answered the telephone. Her name was Jane, her voice clear and friendly, her manner helpful and efficient.  Within minutes she had dealt with my enquiry, provided me with the information I needed and offered to help should I need any further assistance.  Now that’s customer service. Thank you, Jane.

I wasn’t sure how to tackle this week’s Magpie Tale but then a daft idea floated towards me.

HE       Okay, so where are we going this evening?
SHE     Option 1 – Cinema, Option 2 – Dinner, Option 3 – Walk in the park
HE       Dinner sounds good to me
SHE     Option 1 – Pizza, Option 2 – Pasta, Option 3 – Salad?
HE       Fish & Chips not on the menu then?
SHE     Selected options only Sir, 1, 2 or 3?
HE       Don’t you think you’re taking this new job as automated voice artist just a bit too serious?
SHE     Yes, No, Maybe?

Have a good week everyone and may all your customer encounters be less of the automated kind!


  1. Enjoyed your unique take Mary...

    1. Always enjoy the challenge of your prompts, Tess.

  2. Mary,

    That was interesting and a bit true as the world becomes more automated.

  3. Chuckles! You gave an offering witty in form built on an irritating phone response. Very innovative Mary!


    1. Glad it made you smile, Hank. Into every day a little fun must fall.

  4. Ha - thanks for making me laugh at what usually makes me want to tear out my hair!

    1. I had fun putting it together, Mary. Wasn't sure how I was going to tackle this one.

  5. Replies
    1. Hi Helena, pleased this one made you smile. Roll on next week's Magpie prompt.


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