Sunday, 10 June 2012

What if you were to act your shoe size instead of your age?

I'm back ... catching up with you my blogging buddies once again.  I know, I know,  your world has been so busy I wasn't missed and that's okay.  I won't sulk or feel annoyed, at 5'2" I'm a big girl now!  Even my nephews and nieces tower well above me.  When did all that happen?  Seems like only yesterday they were babes in arms and now they're holding their own babes in arms.

Well, when I've been away, I've been writing lots, still trying to find a publisher for my novel ... gosh that sounds awfully grand .. 'my novel'.  I attended The London Book Fair this year too, which was amazingly busy and at times overwhelming for little old me.  Next year I'll take the sat nav into the building for directions ... so much to see and hear.  I managed to get lost several times. I would however recommend a visit if you can make it next year.

I've been participating in a really enjoyable e course this month on Eastern Therapeutic Writing by husband and wife team Fiona and Kaspa.  Feel free to check out their website. - Writing Our Way Home.

There's been time to spend with family and special friends too and that's important in my book.  Been given a beautiful little book by one of those special friends recently.  The Book is called 'Now Is the Time - 170 ways to seize the moment',  inspirational and beautifully written by Australian author Patrick Lindsay,  Allow me to share one of the 170 ways with you which resonated with me when I read it.

Why should you act you age?
Don't let convention set your rules.
Act the way you feel.
Stand aside from the crowd.
Follow your heart
and your instincts.

So this week I invite you to see what happens when you act your shoe size instead of your age.  


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