Monday, 10 October 2011

What's for breakfast?

Winter is coming...yes I appreciate that the autumnal days have just started but winter will follow sooner than you know. I can tell … not from the turning of green leaves to gold and brown but the change in the kitchen. Our kitchen. You see this morning launches the breakfast porridge pot in our household. Winter is on its way and it’s porridge for breakfast. Well its hardly a freezing cold day here in our neck of the woods … a little chill in the air perhaps and a little requirement for a more substantial breakfast. So porridge it is!

I have to say that I do enjoy porridge for breakfast, with a little cream (just a little) and even a teaspoon of sugar, much to the dismay of the Man a serious porridge maker of Scotland. However I have learned this weekend that the art of porridge making has taken on a more adventurous role in the culinary field. Tuning into the radio yesterday I learned all about The 18th Annual Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Championship which took place yesterday in Carrbridge, Scotland. As well as the traditional recipe for this good wholesome breakfast there is now an array of speciality porridges to try. Check out the recipes from the winners John and Neal on the Golden Spurtle website. Photos courtesy of the official Golden Spurtle website. I do wonder what Goldilocks and the three bears would have made of all this.

And did you know that today is - World Porridge Day.

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