Monday, 3 October 2011

How does your washing blow?

I’ve been 'blog dipping' again. Well the truth is I was seeking something to encourage and inspire me to write today. Sometimes when I haven’t blogged for a few days …well it’s an effort to start again. What to write about? What to say? Shall I begin with an inspirational quote? What about a photographic prompt or two? What have I heard or seen worth sharing? This ‘blank page, brain numb’ dilemma usually prompts me to have another look at the blogs I follow and enjoy.

Today I’ve stopped by cousin-in-law’s blog, The Red Shoes. I invite you to join me. Sarah shares a beautiful picture of a Monday morning wash. Something simple, something ordinary and something we all recognise, not unless of course, a weekly trip to the launderette denies such an a ordinary activity like hanging out the washing.   I can almost hear the autumnal breeze blowing those bright white clothes on the line. I can almost smell the freshness of the washing blowing in the breeze. And the sunshine, ahh … the sunshine. Hurrah for good old fashioned washing lines. I agree with Sarah, the washday experience is not quite the same with one of those whirly things.

Do stop by and have a look at Sarah’s artwork, I’m sure she won’t mind one little bit.

Happy Monday and may the autumn breeze blow all your washing dry!

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  1. These wonderful modern technologies, the spinning fluffing dryer definitely leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to the days of the clothes line... except of course if its raining. smiles.


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