Saturday, 11 June 2011

What do you need to be a domestic goddess?

Sometimes it can be difficult to get back on the writing track when one gets caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and living.  Sometimes the creative writing spaces becomes full with additional work schedules, visits to school, doing the laundry, trips to the dentist, the doctor and candlestick maker.  Life as a domestic goddess is not an easy one.  So where and how does one kick start the creative process again? Thankfully inspiration comes from two friends this week, both very creative ladies.

Sewing has never been one of my talents as a domestic goddess.  My domestic science teacher Mrs P would definitely vouch for that if she were around today.  I would like to state for the record that her grey hair (possibly stress induced by my particular class) had nothing to do with my unfinished sewing assignments.  No-one was happier to learn about the invention of velcro more than me!  I was very inspired however when I attended my friend Pat's creative class.  They make all sorts of things there and she has her own website called  MadebyPIN so that you can be creative at home.  Do stop by and have a look.    

Baking is another talent in the armoury of the domestic goddess.  I recall vague words from Mrs P, something about Victoria sponges, shortcrust, puff and choux pastry.  I distinctly remember the sampling stage but have no recall of the baking stage at all.  Strange that.  Thankfully my friend Di at The Bluebell Cafe, a great maker of cakes and all things delightful too, shares great recipes for banana cake and cinnamon cake.  Again worth a visit for some mouth watering treats.

Thank you ladies, how inspirational you have been.  Well that leaves a little time now to do something a little creative before my next blog post.  Now where did I leave that needle and thread?             


  1. Oh God, sewing class! Every time I attempted to use the sewing machine I nearly lost a finger. I'm definitely with you on the velcro!

  2. Ah, sewing classes. As an eleven year old I was nearly put off for life by Mrs. S. who ripped the arms off my lovingly put together Marie Antoinette doll and threw it all to the back of the room and told me to join it until I could stuff the limbs properly. I must say, I haven't used Kapok in anything since.

  3. Hi Máire - glad you kept all your fingers for blogging and writing. We each have our own gifts to offer the world!

    Pat, you've just reminded me of Mrs B at my primary school ... my Kapok doll had one arm longer than the other but I was too scared to tell her! She would not have been happy. Think my sewing classes have traumatised me.


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