Monday, 30 May 2011

Troubles of a troubadour.

Picture prompt from Willow at Magpie Tales

These 'fifty something' birthday soirees are always a challenge.  Methinks, do I sing of love, romance and faraway places? Do I speak of a warm, bright and sunshine day where lovers wander in springtime meadows and see only each other in love?  I know my noble friend hath tired of the Lady Anne and seeks a more youthful companion to console and flatter his ego in his declining years although he denies that to be so. 

Whilst I play for time and inspiration, I find myself plucking a melancholy tune and note the sadness in the face of Lady Anne.  Once, she was the love and light of my master’s fond embrace and ardent attention.  Once she laughed, cajoled and flattered the ego of every man and unknowingly broke the heart of my dearest friend Sebastian.  He sits at the banquet table in the quiet hope that perhaps her attentions may once again fall upon him.  For him, it would be an honour and he vows that he would love her with all his heart.  He doth not favour the scoundrel ways of the pompous and haughty Malvelo.   

To sing and speak the truth of this love would indeed make for an engaging evening but might haste the final performance of the troubadour.  From a melancholy tune to a happier note the lute sings of this celebratory occasion and the birthday boy, Malvelo.   


  1. You've spun a lovely tale, perfectly suited to the painting. Brava!

  2. Lovely story. I wonder, is it Sebastian that is looking at us?

  3. Wonderful story. And how like a middle aged man to seek a younger woman! Typical!

  4. Love this tale-spinning work.

  5. Brenda - Thanks for your lovely comment
    Irish Gumbo - yes that's Sebastian looking forlorn ..
    Lolamouse - love .. makes people do some crazy things!
    Steve - glad you enjoyed the tale-spinning ..I enjoy the weaving!


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