Friday, 23 July 2010

What do you create with your junk mail?

I’ve been ‘blog dipping’ again and I’ve dipped into Fiona’s blog at Planting Words. I dip in and out fairly often as I enjoy her writings and her take on life. But don’t just take my word for it, dip in yourself and see. Anyway, yesterday she wrote a clever little piece inspired by a piece of junk mail which I quite enjoyed. It got me thinking about the ‘what’ that helps us to begin a piece of writing, I mean junk mail? Well done Fiona. So when my junk mail arrived yesterday (I’m very fortunate to have a delivery every day where I live!!) instead of the usual rush to the recycling bin, I stopped and scribbled.

So here it is especially for you today a little ditty entitled ‘Pizza poetry’. I don’t expect it to win any prizes but if makes you smile, cringe or even consider an alternative to recycling junk mail then it makes my effort all worthwhile.

Have a happy weekend.

Pizza poetry

Pizzas wi’ peppers, Pizzas wi’ cheese,

Pizzas wi’ mushrooms, Lots to please.

Chicken wi’ nuggets, Chicken wi’ chips,

Chicken wi’ sauces, To last on the lips (hips?).

Pizzas wi’ flavours, Spicy and bold,

A bottle of pop, A feast to behold!

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