Monday, 19 July 2010

In my last post, I asked about what inspires you to blog. It set me thinking about ‘what happened during my week that was of interest to write about and share with you too’ Well I must report that the week has been full of lovely events, celebrations and meeting lots of amazing and wonderful people.

I must confess I’m less of an on line person (minimal Facebook user and a once a week blogger) and more of a face to face communicator. I like to see and talk to people in real time. I like to see the colour of a person’s eyes, the smile and laughter when a joke is shared and the look of disbelief when the tall tales are told. I do enjoy getting together with family, friends and colleagues and having a good old fashioned chat. For me that’s what I call real communication. Don’t get me wrong I do appreciate that there is a place for faster communication methods in this fast and speedy world we live in. I do sometimes wonder by engaging, are we adding to the stress and strain of our already busy lives. Maybe that is a blog post for another day!

This week there’s been lots of opportunity to do lots of the good old fashioned ‘talk talk communication’ – a lovely boat trip and picnic with The Man and friends celebrating our wedding anniversary. The day was hot, the picnic was delicious and the bubbly was chilled to perfection.

Then there was the attendance at
Sue’s Inspire Day with colleagues at the delightful Bix Manor where we updated on our respective ‘life journeys’, caught up with old friends and acquired a few new skills too. I loved the African drumming workshop and if you ever need a grand boost of energy and enthusiasm to kick off a training course or event, then I wholeheartedly recommend Doug at SewaBeats – amazing!

Interesting to note that the theme of energy, music and positivity carried through my week with a carnival afternoon at the school where I occasionally work. I loved watching the children engage heart and soul with ‘When the saints go marching in’! The banging of drums, the tooting of horns and the sheer enjoyment on their faces said it all.

Yesterday I attended an excellent Women’s conference and heard from several very inspirational ladies who shared their own stories. One particular speaker,
Lynn Pereira demonstrated incredible bravery and courage after a terrible acid attack.

During the week I have been inspired by so many wonderful people, those who have demonstrated courage, those who have shared fun and laughter and those who have simply been present to the moment. It’s been a great week. How was yours?

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