Monday, 8 February 2010

Praise for Prague

We've been away for a few days visiting the beautiful city of Prague. This was my first visit and despite it being really cold with plenty of snow still on the ground I did enjoy wandering around this lovely old city. The copious layers of clothing, woolly hats and scarves from the overpacked suitcase were most welcome for the morning and afternoon meanderings. Chillier evenings when temperatures dropped were spent in the warmer places checking out the local wines and beers and admiring the internal decor and architecture!

It was like stepping back in time to another century, another world of frescoed buildings and domed and spired dwellings although I have to add that frequent evidence of mobile phones and laptops reminded me that I was very much in 2010! But there was something magical and romantic about the beautiful old buildings in styles of Baroque, Rococo and Art Nouveau and impressive hugh sculptures that had taken years to build and create. Such artistry that stood the test of time and political events exceptionally well was a delight to witness.

There are so many places to visit on a short trip but we managed quite a few. The Man at frasersfotos has captured quite a lot of photographs which bears that out. I think a return visit will be required in the spring when temperatures are warmer and woolly hats are optional!

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  1. Enjoyed your comments about your trip to Prague. I was there in '98 and certainly agree with you that it is delight to witness.
    Tom H


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