Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Webinars - a first for me!

A first time for everything and last night was the first time I participated in a webinar. Big deal some of you may think (those of you that have done loads of these already!) but I hadn't participated in one before and I have to say it was a novel experience and I was most impressed.

A webinar is a great opportunity and novel way to learn something new via the web - like how webinars work, how effective they can be to market your product and/or resources on line. It's like a training session on line. You are invited to participate, given a unique link or number to contact , invited to call in at a specific time and join over 100 other people on the call. Last night's webinar had over 400 attendees! The presenter presents his material for one hour. Now that's impressive, conveying a message, information, education to all of these people at the same time in different parts of the world! Powerful. I participated here in the UK at 8.30pm, a one hour webinar - convenient, it allowed time to cook dinner, feed the family and have almost all the dishes washed before the webinar started! Anything that assists and improves my time management skills scores extra points. It avoided having to go out on a wet and cold autumnal evening too ... just retire to the study and listen. I guess you could change into your pyjamas (dependent on time zones) but I refrained.

So what did I learn in one hour - lots. How webinars work. How to use them effectively. How to link up with colleagues and work collaboratively. How to sell services and products via webinars. How to use the same material and maket it in different ways to accommodate the needs of your clients. How to maximise sales. How to build business by incorporating webinars as part of the marketing plan.

All in all, a well delivered, informative and educational one hour delivered on a dark and wet evening and in the comfort of my warm and cosy study too.

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