Friday, 6 November 2009

It's just a job - or is it?

It's been a relatively busy week and I'm glad that the weekend is here.

There has been several business meetings and events this week, some productive and others not. However I did meet some interesting people in the process - like the lady at a local business event for women planning on starting their own businesses. One lady is planning to start her new business in commercial bee keeping. I have to say that I found this fascinating - not sure why, I guess that I liked the 'business with a difference' idea. I do like 'different'. I learned much about bees, their behaviour, their atuning with nature and of course the commercial side of the business too. I do enjoy connecting with people with different interests and I believe that this particular lady will make a success of her business because she held such passion, belief and experience about her intended business. I wish her well.

Then there was the lady photographer who visually 'loved her job' and that could be heard when she recounted details of her work, the challenges and changes she had to deal with in the early stages when she set up her business and how she hoped to see it develop in the future. Now here was a lady happy with the job she did and wondered why she hadn't gone into photography sooner.

Work - 'a means to an end' or 'an end to a means'?

I wonder if there is something about having to try out several jobs, places of work, positions of respnsibility before we get to find the job or position that provides us with real job satisfaction, enjoyment, contentment and happiness ... and a reasonable income too?

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