Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Life teaches many lessons.

It teaches that we don't always need to understand, have all the answers, know about everything. That it's really okay to 'not know' or be unsure or uncertain, as new learning helps personal growth and development. It teaches that it's okay to be overwhelmed every now and again, the learning - sometimes we need to take life a little slower and nurture ourselves. Sometimes we can get so busy looking after someone else's needs and requirements, our own needs fall prey to neglect, being ignored and devoured by the negative gremlins. That has been my learning recently and it was both painful and uncomfortable ... however I've learned!


  1. I was thinking about your blog of September 22, and thought that life indeed provides lessons, but there is also something else life provides; and that is there’s always something else to do, something else to accomplish, something to work toward. It reminded me of part of a poem I read some time ago. The poem begins:

    “When Earth’s last picture is painted,and the tubes
    Are twisted and dried,
    When the oldest colours have faded, and the
    Youngest critic has died,
    We shall rest, and, faith, we shall need it – lie
    Down for an aeon or two,
    Till the Master of All Workmen shall set us
    To work anew!”

    Rudyard Kipling, “L’Envoi,” from The Seven Seas, 1896.


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