Monday, 7 September 2009

The Field of Unknowing

I’ve just opened the gate to the ‘field of unknowing’. Well the truth is that the gate was opened for me recently when I was told that my job would be coming to an end soon. It wasn’t a surprise but I hadn’t quite expected it just now…and that’s okay because I sometimes think that having a definite date that hangs over one for too long can be tough. It can allow niggles, doubts and negative thoughts to creep in and at worst cause stress and uncertainty to grow and fester. So I’ve decided to open the gate to the field of unknowing wide, very wide and see what’s there for me, for now, for today, for tomorrow.

As I stand in the field of unknowing, I note the poppies of possibilities, the big tall daisies of decisions stretching high towards the sky, the little green shoots that sprout along the boundary fence. I can’t pretend the dandelions of destruction are out of my eye line, they’re not. I note the spiky thistle and the occasional stinging nettle. I am aware that they are there too. There are various emotions as I stand in quiet contemplation about letting go and moving on, about changes like the seasons of the year and seasons of time. And now it’s time for me to move on, to change and try something new, something different, whatever that is. There’s a little apprehension, a little excitement too and much curiosity about what the next few months will bring.

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