Tuesday, 14 April 2015

How do you develop your Creative Self?

picture courtesy of TheGreenDragonfly

I’m in creative mode at the moment, not really sure why.  It could be the longer days, the sunshine, and little pots of colour in my garden.  It could be the sowing of seeds for the allotment.  I love this time of year. Everywhere looks fresher and brighter.   Perhaps it’s the rose-tinted spectacles I’m wearing or the sunshine lighting up the garden?  It’s good to take stock now and again and that’s what I have been doing. I love having my desk where I can look out into the garden, although it can be a distraction too. 

Earlier today I’ve been interrupted by the activity of Mr. & Mrs. Blackbird helping themselves to an endless supply of worms from my garden. Lovely to see them back again and I wonder if they will produce another family like last year’s little brood.  The activity of the blackbird chicks kept me entertained for ages … didn’t get a lot of work done, but they made me laugh lots at their antics. 

In January,  I committed to developing my Creative Self, you know that part within you that cries, I wish I could do that!’ I’m in awe of ‘crafty people’, that is, people who can bake, sew and do wondrous things with needles and threads.  Some of them have a gift for creating fashionable pieces and making things that can actually be worn and admired in public … but not me! In the dark and distant past there lurks aborted sewing projects from Mrs. P’s domestic science class at a certain school in Ireland. I’ve heard the school is no longer there and I do wonder what became of an unfinished seersucker fabric nightdress?  Probably buried under the rubble when the school was demolished for houses.

So this week I’m off to partake in a crochet workshop organised by my talented friend Joanna.  I hope to learn more about the art of crochet – one needle and a ball of wool.  How hard can that be?  Very therapeutic, I’m told.  Good fun and homemade shortbread guaranteed. I’m conjuring up some great images of fashionable pieces by me. Could that be those rose-tinted specs again?


  1. I tried crocheting once. I got halfway through two separate projects and then abandoned them, even though I kept the yarn and the half-done projects for years! Even packed them through three moves, positive one day I would finish. Finally I donated them to someone who would, and felt so relieved. My creativity leans toward the paint brush and word processor, I guess. An embroidery project was similarly doomed.

  2. Hi Elizabeth, I can understand that completely. I once started a patchwork quilt ... which ended up as a cushion cover! However the unfinished project did provide some material (if you pardon the pun!) for a short story. Writing is my true creative outlet. Great that we all have different creative pursuits, don't you think?

  3. The way you write is such flowing. Keep writing. www.bellofpeace.org

    1. Thank you. Enjoyed your writing on Bellofpeace.

  4. Crochet works look elegant and beautiful. My mom does this..I've a shrug made by her...it's beautiful... :-)

    I'm sure you'll be able to make some very good pieces.... :-)

  5. Very much work in progress ... and providing some great insights and learning for me during the workshops too :-)


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