Monday, 30 December 2013

Want a new writing challenge for 2014?

I really admire Tess at Magpie Tales for being so diligent and dutiful with her writing prompts every Sunday.  She has been instrumental in providing some great creative food for thought to poets, bloggers and aspiring writers everywhere.  Her picture prompts have been mysterious, challenging, captivating, intriguing and fun.  Although I haven't managed to participate every week, I've enjoyed the creative challenge on various weeks through the year. I recommend checking out her site, Magpie Tales in the New Year.

Happy New Year to my blogging buddies and readers, wishing you all the best for 2014.  

Here is my attempt at Mag 200, the last one of the year.  Francis Bacon, a Self Portrait.

Picture Prompt

Our first home
Not brand new, on some fashionable development
But old red-bricked, in a quiet and unassuming street
A small, affordable and cosy space,
Just big enough for the two of us.
We danced on the wooden floors of knotted pine.
The old dresser, a cooker and one battered comfy chair
Our luxuries of possession, debt free and resourceful too.
Memories caught by your old and faithful lens,
Pictures saved in hard backed books
For laughter, retelling tales and sharing
With the next generation
Where images move at a quicker pace.


  1. Graceful and beautifully written...

  2. You've well caught the time surrounding and supporting the singular moment of the photo. ~ M

    1. I do enjoy the Magpie picture prompts.

  3. Evocative and lovely...and thank you for your kind words...

    1. Looking forward to more creative writing in 2014.

  4. What beautiful essence to this poem! And hats off to Tess, she does a wonderful job. It was the first visit I made after my absence of four months!

    1. Thanks Helena. See you on the Magpie blog more often?

  5. It fascinates me--the words are different but the memories similar. You call the heater the "cooker," we would call it a radiator. Usually made of cast iron, it would have to be "bled" before using each year (air taken out of lines) before cold season. We had in our first apartment! Beautifully captured memory!

  6. Hi Ginny, pleased you enjoyed the trip back in time.


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