Sunday, 10 November 2013

What if your writing could sing a song?

Yesterday … cue for a song … but no, it’s okay I’m not going to sing.  Besides you probably wouldn’t hear it anyway.  I know, I know, you’re probably thinking, thank goodness for that. Did I ever mention that in a former life I made an LP?  Some of you will remember LPs … others? … may need to ask your parents!

I want to share news of a great workshop I attended yesterday called Getting Published, specifically for first time authors (like me).  Vanessa O’Loughlin from Inkwell Writers, Ireland, hosted it on WritersWebTV.   I receive regular newsletters from Vanessa filled with wonderful writing news, tips and competitions. One newsletter invited me to the workshop, so off I went with notebook, pen and copious amounts of curiosity.  I didn’t have to go far, only as far as my ‘writing room’ – that’s the space I claim for all things writing in our house. Yesterday’s workshop was wonderful and lasted from 10am-4pm (London time). 

I timetabled the event in my diary.  I watched, listened and participated with the writing exercises too. I learned lots about writing and the publishing world.  I enjoyed the questions and answers from the ‘house audience’ and from those of us outside the house too.  Each panel member gave generously of his or her time, experience and counsel from the world of writing. An inspirational Hazel Gaynor shared her story from self-published author to one being presented by Folio Literary Management.  It is encouraging to see how all the hard work and effort of the lonely writers pays off. Well done Hazel, I wish you lots of success with your novel and I look forward to reading it.

Do check out these great workshops and be prepared to learn a lot.  I’ve bought a copy of this workshop too so that I can watch it later and catch up with anything I missed.

Yesterday’s workshop provided me with lots of learning. My little pencil couldn’t scribble fast enough.  I even managed to note down a few points for action and one of them included BLOGGING!  I’m ashamed to say that I have been rather remiss about blogging on a frequent basis.   I need to get back to blogging on a regular basis.  All tips on good blogging habits are gratefully received.

I’m tempted to end this blog post with a little song but perhaps I’ll save it for another day. Allow me to sing the praises of Vanessa and her WritersWebTV.


  1. I'm glad you had such an inspiring time Mary! I'm looking forward to reading all your new blog posts! :)

  2. Cheers Julie, now where did I put that 'great ideas for blogging' list ...


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