Saturday, 7 January 2012

Still Waters Run Deep

Magpie No 98  : Photo courtesy of Willow

She ran as fast as she could but there was no running away from herself or the truth.
She hoped the passage of time would lessen the pain, but it hadn’t.
She stayed away for a whole year and wondered if that was long enough?
She knew that she would have to return one day, today.
She had made a mistake, a big one.
She hadn’t been true to herself
She knew that now but it was too late.
She smelled the pine.
She stared at the still blue waters.
She wished she had told him.
She hadn’t …


  1. Hey there, Máire fellow Irish blogger! Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment. Yes indeed you can always get the dvd of Charlotte's web back from your niece!!
    I like your poem although I wished i knew what she had wished him to tell him...;-)

  2. Hi there LA Speedwing .. some things we will never know :-)

    Thanks for stopping by ...

  3. This could be me! Great job. I really felt for her.
    Nice to meet you, Mary. I'm a new follower!

  4. Beautiful and haunting Maire. Just beautiful. Isn't just a fact, we can never really run away from ourselves, our problems or our mistakes. BUMMER!


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