Friday, 11 November 2011

How to body build a blog …

Sometimes, I find it a real challenge thinking about a topic for a blog post. Do you? Maybe if I was better organised I could sit down and write a batch (collection?) of posts so that I could feed them into my blog over the course of days and weeks. But I’m not! This system would make me a more organised blogger (I imagine) but would it lose the spontaneity of the writing moment? Would it kill the creativity?

Like many writers there are times when I come up against the inevitable ‘bloggers block’. Some of you may identify with my dilemma. Symptoms are easily recognisable – blank page, endless screen staring, one or two trips to the kitchen to make yet another cup of tea and the endless reading of blogging buddies’ blogs. (Yes, it was a mouthful writing it too!) Well, today is one of those days. I’ve spent time this afternoon ‘blog dipping’ and I stopped by Inkpots and Quills where my blogging buddy Ann shared a writing dilemma of her own – unfinished projects. Ahh, every writer has them. I enjoyed reading how Ann is going to great lengths to remedy the situation and how her postie (with the rippling biceps) is going to great lengths to ensure she has all the writing material she needs. Writing need not be a lonesome pursuit. I hadn’t really given much thought to all the help and assistance ‘knowingly and unknowingly’ given to the writing process. All I can say is that posties delivering numerous books to writers in pursuit of ‘better writing’ should be given generous Christmas tips! I’ve yet to see any writer dedicate a novel ‘To my wonderful postie’. I wonder if Ann’s postie is a reader of her blog. It did make me chuckle thinking about whether or not her postie had considered making book deliveries part of his daily workout.

Having recently rejoined the gym, I can appreciate how book lifting could be incorporated into the body building programme. Who knows it could one day become an Olympic Sport? Stranger things have happened.

But I digress, maybe today is one of those days where inspiration for blogging will not come, so I’ll leave it for another day. However, do stop by Inkpots and Quills and say hello.

By the way, what is the collective noun for a batch of blogs?


  1. Maire, my postman's nose must be twitching with the itch!!! I am sorry you are suffering from the dreaded brain blank. Hope it passes soon. Thank you so much for the mentions here. I was chuffed!

    Hope your gym sessions are working out! LOL! I am too funny for words at times.

  2. Hi Maire!

    Yes, I get this block too. And it's hard because it's not good for traffic to go without posting, but at the same time you don't want to write for the sake of writing. Good posts don't come from that!

    Not sure what the collective noun for a batch would be, but the noun usually used for the blogging community is blogosphere. Does that help?

  3. I don't think there is a collective noun for a batch of blogs - I've never managed to write more than one at any one sitting. Maybe that's the beauty of blogging - when inspiration hits us, we write, when it doesn't, we don't. Happy New Year!


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