Sunday, 24 July 2011


I’ve got a new friend.  His name is Herman … different I know.  We became friends last weekend through my mum-in-law.  She has known Herman for several days now.  In fact I would go as far as to say that she has become quite fond of him.  I could tell by the affectionate tone she used when she spoke about him.  We met for the first time in her kitchen.

Initially I was a little reticent about becoming friends with Herman.  You see Herman’s different …very different from any of my other friends and he requires a different type friendship, if you get my meaning.  Well, I wasn’t sure if I could give the commitment to be a friend of Herman’s.  It was the responsibility and commitment on my part I was worried about.  She warned that he needed feeding on a regular basis and looking after.  I am a caring person but did wonder with my hectic lifestyle if I’d be able to manage the responsibility.  However, not one to shun a challenge, I agreed to look after Herman.  I can still see the visible signs of relief on my mum -in-law’s face. I sensed that she had grown quite fond of Herman but it was now time to let him go and she wished to ensure that he would go to a good home.  So that was how he came to live with me.

I’ve looked after him for ten days now and whilst he’s been no bother I’ve had to pull myself away from the busyness of life to feed and tend him.  Today I too have had to decide with whom I should share him.  It wasn’t easy and I had become quite attached to him. The instructions from my mum-in-law were quite specific.  He had to be shared with four of my friends. As a daughter-in-law, I had been one of her selected friends.

Now the big question was which of my friends could be entrusted with the continuing care of Herman?  Who was responsible enough to look after him?  Who would ensure that he was spoon fed regularly?  Who would provide the TLC required?  After a process of elimination, I selected the favourite four who I believed would care for Herman like one of their own.

A little part of Herman has remained with me and the rest …well now in the capable hands of my friends.  I shall miss him, but who am I to stand in the way of friendship and sharing.  Also, I believe that a little fun never hurt anyone.

Did I mention that Herman is a … Friendship Cake?

 …. Oh and the end result … delicious!


  1. hello, what a great post. herman is, and full of love.. what a wonderful way to share :)


  2. He was fun to have around and did genuinely cause a 'stir' in our household!


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