Sunday, 17 April 2011

How long does it take to finish something you're not working on?

daffodils by me!

“It’s amazing how long it takes to finish something you are not working on”.
R D Clyde

I know it’s been some time since I’ve blogged. 
A whole month has gone by. 
I suppose you thought I’d gone, disappeared or emigrated?
I didn’t do any of the above.
Perhaps you didn’t even notice but I did.
I quietly reprimanded myself up for not writing regularly.
Who am I to flatter myself by thinking that I’d be missed?
I wasn’t, was I?
The world goes on even in the stillness of the night.
Even in the absence of blogging. 
No excuses.
I simply got distracted, not by anything exciting.
Probably just lots of trivial stuff but it seemed to consume my blogging time.
Oh and I was so full of good intentions too.
I planned to write more and often.
But sometimes plans have a habit of becoming unplanned.
I thought I might inspire you with a beautiful poem I’d written.
But I realised that the only poem I’d written was still in my head.
It hadn’t made it to the page.
Maybe I’ll write it another day?
And now … well now it’s a challenge to get back into the writing rhythm.
Perhaps a little music might kick start the creative process?
I did consider restarting with a wonderful quotation from someone motivational and inspirational but there are so many to choose from,
I could be here some time.
I’ve got the makings of a story in draft.
But not had time to draft the ending yet.   
Think I’ll post this evening anyway
In the hope that tomorrow brings fresh thinking and creativity by the bucket load! 


  1. I missed you Mary and I am glad you are back. Love the daffodils.

  2. Thanks Ann ... back on track!

  3. Glad to discover your poetry talent,
    Share a free verse with us today, bless you.
    Keep up the excellence.


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