Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Magpie Tales – Skates On!

(Snow Trio from Magpie Tales)
'Blog hopping' is becoming a favourite hobby of mine and today I 'hopped' over to Magpie Tales, a great site for aspiring writers and poets. What a great idea for a blog. It provides an opportunity to challenge us aspiring writers. I've often stopped by, read and admired the writings here. Such talent! One day I'm going to have a go at writing a Magpie Tale .. one day ... when I'm brave enough! Today I felt brave and a little creative too and I've made my first contribution to Magpie Tales. Enjoy. (Hope I manage to get the links and photo right!)

“Come on, hurry up. For goodness sake, take the photograph Edward. If we stand here much longer we’ll freeze to death” shouted Ella.

Her friends Elisabeth and Kitty stood and grinned. They refrained from getting caught up in the good natured brother-sister banter. Kitty had always admired Edward. In fact it could be said that she was quite smitten by the young, handsome dark haired man with the camera. He had smiled at her, not once but twice when they met outside the library at Marchmand House.

“Just one more shot and we’re finished here” called Edward from behind the curtained camera. One day he would be a famous photographer with a studio in London. One day they would appreciate his fastidiousness and attention to detail as he worked.

“You need to get yourself a proper job,” his father had said over and over again. A photographer was a proper job as far as Edward was concerned.

His father had plans for him to work in the City, ‘a sensible career in banking or the stock market’. His plans hadn’t included Edward ‘wasting time on photography and spending endless hours developing pictures that no-one wanted to buy or admire’. But Edward Marchmand knew different. One day people would travel miles to see his great photographic exhibitions and leave in awe of the great photographer.

But today, he was keen to impress the shy and demure Kitty Delaware, his sister Ella’s friend. Kitty was staying for a few days at the Marchmand Estate. He wondered if it would be appropriate to invite himself along to join them skating. Perhaps that might appear too forward? Would it be considered rude and un-gentlemanly? Would there be opportunity to engage in conversation with the lovely Kitty before she left tomorrow?

“Here, I’ve brought your skates too” shouted Ella. “Come on, we’ll race you there.”

Kitty Delaware smiled and he smiled back.


  1. That was lovely.... I anticipate a budding romance. :D

  2. Great debut, lovely story. I hope they end up together.
    Welcome to the addictive world of Magpie Tales. Its great fun and I always look forward to it each week.

  3. Splendid debut. Will this turn into a short story or a novel?
    There are definite possibilities? Blogging is a wonderful way to practice.

    Thank you for coming over and commenting.

  4. Fantastic first write... definitely the start of something bigger I hope...??? Look forward to reading more from you here in the future. Welcome.

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed this piece, it's so beautifully written.

  6. Mary! This is such a fine Magpie, first one or otherwise! You will be a great addition to the magpie community.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog to read my offering for last week's magpie. You are way ahead of me this week!

  7. Welcome to Magpie! This is a wonderful piece. You've caught the spirit of the photo, since it was taken by Winnie's dashing brother, Guy.

  8. I enjoyed reading this. Welcome to Magpie!

  9. love that he smiled not once but twice...brings back the innocence and boundaries of courtship and flirting that are so lost in our culture....

  10. Thank you all especially Magpie readers and writers for your encouragement and support. It is very much appreciated.

    Eliza – yes, a budding romance could be in the air!
    Brigid – agreed and it was fun writing this Magpie tale
    Friko – emm you’ve got me thinking about developing this story.
    Reflections – thanks … a bigger story, who knows?
    Marilyn – glad you enjoyed the piece.
    Lydia – thanks for your lovely comment and I look forward to being part of Magpie community
    Tess – thanks and lovely to know who was really behind the camera!
    Sue J – hello and pleased you enjoyed the piece
    Chrissy – agree think we’ve lost some of the magic of courtship and flirting …a need for old fashioned romance once more 

    Thanks for all your feedback.



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