Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Managing change - It is OK to go slowly!


The thing with change and transition is that it’s a strange place to be – the transitional space, you’re neither here nor there, you’re at that in between stage of letting go of all that is familiar, of all that you have been doing for many years, of all that you can do with your eyes closed (well almost!). You find yourself moving towards the new space, the space where you really want to work, the place where you really want to share your skills and talents. The place where your hearts skips a beat with excitement because you know that you will enjoy this work more so than any of the other projects you’ve been involved in and the place where you know you can make a difference!

And what’s that like? What is it like opening the gate to the field of unknowing? What are the feelings and emotions attached to all of this? What are the questions that will be asked? What are the challenges that lie ahead? What is the learning in store for me? Who and what are the new points of contacts that will provide help, guidance and direction?

I don’t have all of the answers to the above just yet. I wonder if I will have them in three or six month’s time. What I do know is that I’ll never find out unless I explore, move forward and engage more enthusiastically in the new space. I am progressing and doing that albeit via a slow and meandering route and that feels good for now. Maybe some projects aren’t meant to be rushed. It may be that by taking time in the early stages of a new project encourages better relationship building and more authentic connections being made. I believe that by taking time to do this more trusting and reciprocal connections will be made and in turn create a ‘win/win’ for both parties.


  1. hiya Mary, reading this has just had quite a calming affect on me, a nice little reminder to slow down..realising that it is something i'm still struggling with amongst life's present hurdles. thank you :)

    have a lovely evening...

  2. Important to slow down every now and again and meander at leisure in the slow lane ... thanks for stopping by to say hi.

  3. hello, lovely to meet you.
    yes times of transition are a precious time, the unknown so on the surface. I love to enter the moments with curiosity, wondering.... open. I like to let the moments guide me. I may think I am heading to town, but when I arrive at the main road, if the northland calls instead, then I turn left and town is not the goal. This makes transition alive and I find my way with surprise and wonderment. I wish you the best in your time of transition.

  4. Yes! You are so right that it's the "in between" stage that's most disconcerting about change. And the unknowns are upsetting too. Your questions about the unknown really hit that!

    I hope everything goes swimmingly, Mary, and that you enjoy the ride!

  5. Lovely to meet you too.
    Really enjoying your beautiful photos and poetry, a most inspirational site. Particularly enjoyed 'Choices' today.

  6. Thanks Ashley, trust all is going well for you too. Your 'big pants' blog made me smile today ... love the creativity of your blog posts :-)


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